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  • Collection: Prototype & Pre-Release Video Game Consoles

Nintendo DSi Panda

The following is a Nintendo DSi Panda unit used in development for the Nintendo 3DS, the unit would…

XBOX 360 Xenon Alpha 2 Kit

Some of the earliest documentation of the Alpha XeDK dates back to October 2003 when Xerox…

Android Prototype Gaming Phone

The above is an unknown and undocumented gaming phone found in china in 2022, 9 devices were saved.…

XBOX ONE XDK Prototype CMDV-16

A prototype XBOX ONE XDK found at e-waste, the system has a sticker stating the motherboard revision…

XBOX ONE Prototype GEV3B6L-09

An early XBOX ONE Protype dated around 6 months before the final hardware revision, this motherboard…

PlayStation 3 CBEH 1004 Prototype

The following item is a rather abused prototype PlayStation 3 CBEH 1004, the original owner decided…