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  • Collection: Handheld Video Game Consoles

Hagenuk MT-2000

The Hagenuk MT-2000 was released in 1994, it is often said to be the first mobile phone to contain a…
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Nintendo Zone Box

Nintendo Zone was a download service and an extension of the DS Download Station. Users could access…


The GP2X is a Linux-based handheld video game console and portable media player developed by South…

Nokia N-Gage QD

The N-Gage QD is a handheld game console and smartphone by Nokia, and a redesign of the N-Gage. It…

Nokia N-Gage

The N-Gage is a smartphone combining features of a mobile phone and a handheld game system developed…

Bandai WonderSwan (Japanese)

The WonderSwan is a handheld game console released in Japan by Bandai. It was developed by Gunpei…