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We’re a non-profit museum which is dedicated to saving video games, hardware, documentation and anything else related to video games!

VGPM's Collections


The Video Game Preservation Museum is trying to resolve the crisis of video game history being lost. Each year, large amounts of e-waste is created and thousands of items are discarded, never to be seen again. In some cases even video games are lost forever. Developers can spend years creating music, artwork, graphics and code, only for it to go unreleased due to various circumstances. VGPM aims to reuse and preserve these discarded assets. We save items which would normally end up as e-waste and thrown in landfills.

In turn this lessens the environmental impact that these items would have. We archive items that would other wise be considered scrap by large corporations and developers. Through this, we can share their story, discover any history they contain, and even uncover never before seen video games and hardware. By supporting VGPM you are helping us save items that would otherwise be lost to time. You're helping us rediscover forgotten history, and showing corporations and developers that their work matters.

Donations & Sponsors

Would you like to help The Video Game Preservation Museum save further history?
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All our efforts are dedicated to saving history and supporting the gaming community.
Donations and funds are used to secure hardware, software and other important items.
All excess funds will go towards projects involving the gaming and preservation community as a whole.

If you would like to take a more active share in helping VGPM, think about becoming a sponsor.
Sponsors can contribute towards the shaping of VGPM, what projects we take on, and get logo/name placement on our website. For more information about sponsoring VGPM please contact us.